Monday, October 14, 2019

Dream scene 101419 - wall through the park

Walk through the park

Beautiful day early morning day,  materialized walking through a city park. I notice a nice zip line up a head. It wined from up ahead maybe 15 or 20 ft up from eye level and zigged sagged down a sloping hill towards me. It looked like the funest zip line I have ever seen. I grabbed the zip hang rail which was wide enough for 2 hands I made my way back up the zip line with it. The last bit before the end was a straight shot over a valley between two hills. As I made my way up I was noticing all the kids playing in other parts of this beautiful large park.

As I make it to the starting point I see a few kids noticing and making their way to the start. There was a quick 90 degree turn and I thought to test it around that first turn and jump of towards a tree and jump sideways from tree back to starting ledge. I proceeded to but as I jumped off tree I landed sides ways as I miscalculated the angle of the tree trunk which cause my angle of bounce towards the ground. I looked at tree and laughed loudly and in fun pointing to tree while I described the "acute angle of the trunk" some of the older kids laughed as they were familiar with the word acute.

Immediately I teleported to a run away zip line car box with a dozen or more of the kids I just seen... They had jumped on another ajacent zip line which went straight down on what I knew was an untested car which by that point was accelerating with an overloaded packed zip car down the line. It was going to be a devastating crash at the end of the zip line. I looked around and grew angry at their stupidity and utter unthoughtfulness as I yelled. "Will you always be so ignorant!" Or something like that...

I breathed in and gathered all my inner strength to spychicly move the earth ahead as to create a landing area. It took all my mental strength at the moment with loud breathing and straining, with my hands and mind focused on the area ahead, but as soon as it was over and the car came to a reasonable speed to jump off I walked off in anger towards the edge of the cliff side of the hill. In my wide vision I noticed them running towards me and as I approved the edge I made a Narrow land bridge with an arched underside just wide enough for my shoe and began to walk across it as I said "see if you can follow..." I dematerialized halfway through it and awakened.

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