Friday, October 3, 2008

Chapter 2

Some dreams are made were light is born. These are not as usual dreams can be. In a realm called eternity these dreams are words with life that is to be. The boy whose dreams are these, he did not know who he should be. But dream he did and to dream he liked, early to bed, early to dream. The next night after the raining light, he dreamed again. More real this dream became as dream by dream the dreamed continued. Awaking to the reality within, that which makes what is to be. These dreams the boy told to his mother... "It seemed so real as if I flew around the earth... in AFRICA, the deserts are so growing, getting larger by the minute."

"Nonsense!" replied his mother. "The earth is as it always was, and still remains the same. Dreams are dreams and nothing else, and what you see as you awake is what is and nothing else." The boy did not agree, his dreams are real as can be, why would mother not believe. Her eyes in darkness must they be, so fast to judge, to be deceived so easily. The boy grew smart and wise as he searched for answers to his questions, and searched for answers to his dreams. Never the less he grew out of his dreams, never knowing what they meant. Life's bustle and hustle slowly closed his eyes to the world he dreamed and grow he did into a teen. Busy bee, as we all have seen. School and sports and friends and time filled his life the by day and night. His dreams became a memory, stored deeply in his mind. For a later time to make rewind.

One day love came knocking by, a girl it was that made time fly. Soon thoughts her replaced the rest and slowly his heart began to flex. Love is courage, love is kind. Love is best when it is hard to find. Love is true and love is real. Love is better when you feel. The love for others sparks the spirit, spirit then begins to hear it. It must be born again to deal it. So like this the dreams began. Again the realm began to bend. "A dream a dream of you and me." He now said to his girl to be. Best of friends they truly where. Thoughts of marriage surly there.

One full moon night, star, sky gazing, playful past time. Meteor shower more bright then last time. Late to bed, shortly right after. Deep sleep is best when time goes faster. "Walking down a road I wondered." Looking for someone there and after. I found a girl fastly walking, to cross the street without much looking. I sensed the car coming much faster, without a though I pushed her back to keep the swerving car for hitting her. But I looked back and there I was, standing in front of incoming car. I closed my eyes, too close to move aside but suddenly there I was no longer."

I weird dream that is" The girl did say. As I had that same experience one day. About 7 years ago from this day today, walking back from by friends house. It was not that late but I was ten back then. Three houses down and across the street, a short journey, that seemed so safe. But in between some shrubs I hastily began to cross the street, when something push me back and off the street. Before I let my breath come out, a swerving car past by so close the air made my hair fly back. I wondered what had happened, but was so glad, the worst did not just happened. I looked both ways from there on after.

Chapter 1

Darkness covered the night sky as the stars fell from the heavens. the heavens gave way to blue-ish light as a star came down to fight the dragon. a boy slept in the calmness of the night, and in that realm were dreams are seen he saw this very night, as stars came down with orange bright, he saw this night, but not through human sight. then he saw the blue-ish light, but not thru his own eyes. "every night i dream. i dream a dream that's not a dream, but a memory to come which eyes have seen." And the little boy still slept. "a thought i think that will be thought, a feeling I feel that will be felt." the boy still slept. thru his dreams he saw, things that he had never seen before, experienced things he had not yet experienced. the boy still slept.
The window gave way to the blue-ish light, and brightened as the day, the midnight sky. The room glowed if only for a while as this light passed thru into the physical, to begin the final change the world would take. And the boy still slept. and just as fast as the light entered in luminescence and bright it was gone. People were awaken but dint know why. Perhaps the brightness of the bluish light. The Boy still slept.

In our dreams were life is nothing more than fuel, to this realm beyond the physical, but not yet spiritual, the boy awakened. and his eyes began to open once again from sleep. From darkness came this light, and as he began to breath this life, the light became clearer and into focus. and looking down he saw the earth as it should be. And as if time was passing quickly by, the earth did spin to become this place that it now was. Polluted and desecrated, by the inhabitants it was created to sustain eternally. Then he saw what it should have been, a beautiful place full of gardens and light, were night never came, and day never rested. The bluest blue sky, with gold light shining down. Clear sparkling water, and never ending green filled lands, mountains, and valleys. The paradise it should have been.

As the earth rotated below him, the heavens opened above him, as he saw beyond this realm. and that black and empty space just like a curtain open up, as though the show would soon begin. The bright of the heavens at first sight was blinding with light. But as a closer look he took, he felt the calmness of the light, Like as if through this light peace came into his heart. A place few had seen before was right before his eyes, nothing became out of focus, and it seemed like everything was made of light, almost translucent,and trans-dimensional. As he began to reach deeper and deeper in, he felt as if been pulled back, and as he turned his head towards the earth, as fast as one can blink, he opened his eyes, and then awoke. He was on his bed. Awed but tired, he fell back to sleep. The night was calm and cold, the breeze did blow the leaves away. Everything was as it should be. The morning came as did the day before.